Adotta is active since the year 2000.
We are a manufacturer, innovator, and leader in the commercial demountable partition marketplace.

During our’s fifteen-year existence, we have manufactured, managed, and installed over 700 projects, all of which have been executed to successful completion. The projects have ranged from small office suites to multiple floors in large scale buildings and developments. The fact that we have product installed in over 20 countries is a testament to our ability of maintaining an international client base.

Our customer base covers a broad range; from small businesses to large international corporations, from investment banks to the entertainment industry, to professionals, designers, large architect firm,

Adotta’s ‘Mission’ is to create wall partitions that enhance interior architecture, through unique design and ongoing innovation, providing value to contemporary, environmentally conscious workplace.


The Adotta Team operates from the northeast of Italy in the headquarters of Thiene, in Vicenza province.

In the United States the company has headquarters in Englewood (NJ) and showrooms in the cities of New York and Miami.

At headquarters Adotta Team is composed mainly of architects, technicians and engineers who work with modern software for technical and mechanical drawings.

In the rest of the world the sales staff, project managers and specialized installers’ teams oversee the local market.

Luigi Zannier CEO

Mila Administration

Mona Administration

Laura Administration

Jacopo Administration

Michele R&D

Sofia Technical Department

Matteo Technical Department

Daniela Technical Department

Andrea Technical Department

Giacomo Technical Department

Luigi Jr. Project Manager

Stephanie Purchase & Logistic

Oscar Purchase & Logistic

Alessandro Logistic

Beatrice Logistic


Adotta operations are environmentally conscious and the company has an internal policy to encourage recycling practices.

98% of the materials with which our product are realized are 100% recyclable.

Ther Focus on sustainability and energy efficiency is a priority also in Adotta products.

The use of glasses as a partition element improves brightness of the interiors and enhance energy efficiency by less artificial light consumption.


The manufacture process and product installation are designed to minimize waste of materials.

Adotta technical specifications improves environment partitions providing certified levels of sound-absorption and noise isolation between spaces.


Adotta America is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.