Thesis is an architectural wall system consisting of a structural profile in extruded aluminum with a width of 30mm (1.18”) and a height of 40mm (1.57”).

The system is certified for impact resistance and the single glazed sustem reaches sound insulation levels up to 38db.

Thesis can accommodate 10mm (0.39”), 12mm (0.47”) or 16mm  (0.63”) thick laminated or tempered glass panels.

The linear design makes the system a perfect solution for both operational and residential spaces.


The Thesis system includes a vast program of hinged, sliding and pivot doors consisting of doors in polished glass, framed glass and wood.

The offer of glass doors includes glossy glass panels, operating with Adotta hinges, continuous profiles, and a wide range of framed glass panels with different aesthetics and functionality.

The wooden doors have a thickness of 40mm (1.57”) and can guarantee greater acoustic performance.

The Thesis door offer is finally integrated with pivot doors made with specific hardware for high-traffic portals.


Adotta offers a patented hardware set with an iconic design developed in-house and constantly evolving and works with selected partners to provide highly performing and certified products for both the US and European markets.


The Thesis section includes thin aluminum profiles suitable for creating connections between transverse walls (2, 3, 4 ways and variable angles).

Alternatively, the glazed panels can be connected with the aid of high-strength silicone and double-sided tape.

In the Thesis system it is possible to insert a variety of technical elements. The coverings of the blind sections have a wide range of materials in the catalog.


The Thesis section with 12mm (0.47”) single glass is certified 37db, while double glazed partition reaches 43db.

A project developed with Thesis contributes to the achievement of the LEED certification.