The Switzer Group is the Gold Winner at 2016 New York Design Awards.

A project of research and cutting-edge technology for Adotta.


We are pleased to announce the success of The Switzer Group, 2016 Gold Winner of the prestigious New York Design Awards in the category Interior Design – Corporate.

The fifteen thousand square metres project has been commissioned by IBM for the new and sophisticated headquarters of Watson Heath, inside Cambridge Genetic Research Hub.

In collaboration with The Switzer Group for this notable project, Adotta has provided Metafora glass walls towards the creation of luminous offices, conference rooms, private offices, phone booths as well as business suites equipped with textile and felt paneled boards.


The project has been thought out down to the smallest detail by The Switzer Group, making it possible to experience the innovative technology IBM Watson Health, the first cognitive computed to ever been put in the market. Standing out for a new era of  Information Technology, it also provides a space where to design brand-new series of programmes, software and apps.

The Genetic Research Hub prides itself on having important scientific innovation and the latest technology such as Watston Client Interaction Center, where the clients can experience the Watson System. It was in fact, created for analyzing, and learning from past experiences while acquiring values and knowledge through time, which contributes in providing greater possibilities of growth for doctors and researchers.

The Genetic Research Hub also includes learning spaces, a café, a leisure room, an auditorium and a fitness centre.


Adotta has been seen as the leading force for the foundation of Watson Health Headquarters. In this  prestigious and notable collaboration, the project welcomes the cognitive era of health.


The Switzer Group

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